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With its close proximity to Washington, DC, Maryland plays host to a wide variety of government contractors and companies that conduct business with the federal government. Even when companies are not government contractors, ensuring that they uphold standards of professional and ethical conduct and abide by the law is essential to ensuring that our government, the many subsidiaries under its umbrella, and the many corporations who maintain financial relationships with the government function properly, legally, and in the best interests of America at large. When businesses fail to uphold these standards – such as in the case of tax fraud – they can be held fully accountable for their actions.

As fraud, misconduct, and other forms of wrongdoing can significantly compromise the U.S. government and our country’s financial infrastructure, federal regulators value the importance of those who choose to stand up and report such information. Under new rules established by federal regulators, whistleblowers -employees who report information of a company’s fraud or misconduct – will be entitled to both protection and rewards.

Once employees report possible wrongdoing, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will designate them as a whistleblower. As a whistleblower, these employees will be eligible for protection and cash awards in the event of a verdict or settlement in the millions of dollars. This cash award program is the first of its type, and the first time whistleblowers have been given financial incentive to report fraud and misconduct to company authorities.

False Claims Act

Our attorneys can help employees file an effective whistleblower claim against a business or corporation that has committed fraud or wrongdoing against the government. With legal protections in place and the representation of our proven, experienced attorneys, you will not have fear retaliation from your employer, including the prospects of termination, demotion, reduced pay, or any other type of discrimination or adverse employment action. Whistleblower claims and the qui tam statute of the False Claims Act are the key pieces of legislation that establish the rights of employees who provide information about wrongdoing committed against the government.

First established during the Civil War, the False Claims Act – also referred to as the “Lincoln Law” – enforces federal laws that hold individuals and companies liable for defrauding government programs. The “qui tam” provision of the False Claims Act allows U.S. citizens who do are not affiliated with the government to file legal actions on behalf of the government in order to expose fraud and misconduct. Once these qui tam claims have been brought, the U.S. government will have the opportunity to participate in the action, hold companies liable for their misconduct, and recover funds or damages.

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As previously mentioned, the SEC will provide whistleblowers with considerable protection and the opportunity to obtain a cash reward if the information they provide leads to a recovery of a million dollars or more. In such cases, an individual can recover up to 30% of the monetary sanctions imposed by the government against the business that committed the fraud. Tips that are submitted confidentially through an attorney will also still be eligible for financial awards.

If you are aware of fraudulent payments or other forms of fraud and misconduct made by your employer or any other party, please do not hesitate to learn more about qui tam lawsuits, whistleblower cases, and your rights. Allow our legal team to clearly explain how these legal proceedings work and how we can guide you through the process without compromising your case or legal status.

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