Truck Driver Fatique

Truck Driver Fatigue in Maryland

Drowsy drivers mimic drunk drivers!

Driver fatigue can be equally as dangerous as distracted driving or even drunk driving. The more tired a driver is, the more prone to an accident he or she will be. The dangers of driver fatigue include:

  • Slowed reaction time
  • Impaired judgment
  • Compromised vision

Any one or a combination of these components could significantly increase the chances of an accident, which can be extremely serious when the collision involves an 80,000 pound commercial truck.

The United States Department of Transportation conducted research which found that driver fatigue is now a more common cause of fatal truck accidents than drugs and alcohol.

Why do so many truckers drive when they are tired?

Despite the overwhelming evidence of accidents caused by tired truck drivers, many truckers continue to engage in practices of driving while fatigued. Why? Investigations into the problem reveal that the most common causes of driver fatigue are:

  • A driver who gets paid by the mile and is incentivized by the prospect of a larger paycheck
  • Pressure from the employer for an early delivery of goods
  • A driver who overestimates his or her stamina

There are federal rules that govern truck driving times and hours of operation; however, these regulations are not always respected. Investigations into some truck accidents have discovered falsification of paper log books, which can be used to track the number of hours that a trucker is on the road at any given time.

How a Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

At Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., we fight for the rights of the accident victims we represent. If you were injured in a serious truck accident that was caused by a fatigued driver, then you should call a Maryland truck accident attorney at our office right away. Together, we can work to help you obtain maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

Our legal team is dedicated to the clients we serve. From your first consultation, all the way through to the completion of your case, we can remain steadfastly by your side. We have recovered more than $500 million for injury victims and we are ready to help you achieve favorable results as well. Contact us today to learn more.

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