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Maryland Bill Proposes to Make Sexual Consent Classes Mandatory


The bill would require sex education classes in Maryland public schools to include lessons on sexual consent, a very welcome change to the current curriculum. It is an important step in efforts to institutionalize sexual assault prevention programs earlier on in life, and in the prevention of sexual assaults after students leave their classrooms.

Under the measure, middle and high school students would learn what consent means and about how to respect personal boundaries. This bill would address the knowledge gap between elementary school and college, as kids currently don't typically learn about consent or personal boundaries until freshman orientation. By many accounts, learning such lessons for the first time as a freshman in college is far too late.

This bill is also a reflection of a growing number of advocates and lawmakers on the state and federal level who are thinking critically about how to address the widespread sexual violence in our country. Such widespread sexual violence has recently come to light thanks to the many brave survivors willing to come forward and tell their stories, including by and through the #Metoo movement. This legislation would be a welcome step to shaping the next generation, and to help put widespread sexual violence in the rear view mirror of our country's story.