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Toddler Dies in Drowning Accident at Charles County Home Day Care

By: Joseph Cammarata

A two year-old boy who wandered out of a day care provider’s home died Monday in what authorities suspect to be a drowning accident. According to the county sheriff’s office, the day care provider had been watching three children in her home located in the 3600 block of Yorktown Drive in Waldorf at the time of the incident.

As the provider told authorities, she had opened the back door of the home to let a dog out. After closing the door and leaving the room for several minutes, she returned to find one of the children missing. In search of the child, she went into the backyard immediately, found the boy in the pool, and began CPR. He died shortly later at a local hospital.

Monday’s tragedy is a profound loss for the family involved, as well as a critical reminder to all about the elevated risks children face when it comes to drowning and near-drowning events and the importance of supervision and pool safety. It is also remarkably similar to another tragic drowning incident in which a two year-old boy died at a home day care center in DC earlier this summer.

Although seemingly nonintentional, the drowning will be further investigated in order to determine whether it could and should have been prevented. For example, statements given by the day care provider indicate a lapse in supervision that, while momentary, was enough for the child to exit the home and enter the pool area unsupervised. There are also questions as to why the home day care provider, who provided day care services to young children and toddlers, did not have a door when closed could not be open by a two year old, and why the home did not have an adequate gate or fence to prevent children from accessing the pool area.

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