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After an Auto Accident, the First Rule is to Take Care of Your Health

By: Matthew Tievsky

Too many times in automobile collision cases, we receive calls from potential clients who waited until days or even weeks after the collision to seek medical treatment. Sometimes the reason is, "I thought I'd feel better after a few days." Other times the reason is, "I wanted to get the advice of a lawyer first." (Which is ironic, because our first advice would always be, "get medical attention immediately!")

An automobile collision is a crash between two hunks of metal weighing thousands of pounds. The people inside the vehicles aren't made of metal and aren't built to withstand crashes, so it's no surprise that collisions often injure drivers and passengers. If you're in any pain or discomfort, it's always wise, as a precautionary measure, to go to the hospital to have yourself evaluated, even if you're not immediately certain how seriously you've been injured. This is prudent as a matter of health, in case immediate treatment will uncover and help you treat an injury you might not be aware of.

It also may be important if you are forced to make a personal injury claim. If you delay before obtaining medical treatment, then later make a claim for personal injuries, the delay is often used by the insurance company to suggest you were not hurt. They may ask: "If you were really hurt, why didn't you go to the hospital right away?" Or, they may wonder if some other intervening event was the "real" cause of your injuries. Getting prompt treatment makes sense both as a way to protect your health, and to leave a paper trail that will preserve your rights in the event that you have to make a personal injury claim.

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