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In Maryland, What Harms Are Personal Injury Victims Compensated For?

By: Allan M. Siegel

In Maryland personal injury trials, juries have to consider various elements when determining the amount of compensation for an injured victim. See Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions 10:2. These damages include claims for inconvenience and loss of consortium (essentially loss of companionship for couples).

Factors considered include:

  • The injuries sustained and their extend and duration,
  • Effect of such injuries on the overall physical and mental health and wellbeing,
  • Past and future physical pain and mental anguish,
  • Disfigurement, humiliation, or embarrassment caused with disfigurement,
  • Past and future medical expenses, and
  • Past and future lost earnings.

MD Personal Injury LawyerJuries will look at these factors, but the amount the jury provides can be affected by further factors, including whether the injury was permanent and whether the injury aggravated prior injuries or disabilities. Juries should not reduce damages because the injured victim was especially susceptible or vulnerable to injury. The at-fault individual is responsible for the injured victims harms, even if the harms are unexpected. See Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. v. Catron, 186 Md. 156 (1946). Other damages that are compensated in Maryland include emotional pain and suffering, lost capacity to enjoy life (example: horseback riding, swimming, long car trips), prenatal injuries, and mental suffering caused by pre-impact fright (i.e., the emotional distress from the time the victim sees the danger until the time of impact).

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