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Does Driving Without Insurance Hurt Your Personal Injury Case?

We always recommend that you purchase insurance on your car, in case of auto accidents. First of all, it's mandatory under Maryland law. Second, it's an important protection for you in the event that you are in an auto accident – whether or not it's your fault. But let's say that you do not have insurance on your car when another driver negligently hits and injures you. Will your lack of insurance prevent you from bringing a claim against the negligent driver?

Maryland Car Accident Attorney

The answer is "no." Even if the worst should happen and the police decide to bring charges against you for driving without insurance, that won't prevent you from bringing a claim against the at-fault driver. You have a right to bring a claim – and file a lawsuit, if necessary – simply because you were hurt by someone else's negligence. Even if you failed to insure your car, this was not the cause of your accident – and therefore, it cannot stop you from making a claim and winning. Of course, there are disadvantages to being without insurance in that event – for example, insurance can protect you if the at-fault driver lacks insurance to pay you. But just because you lacked insurance yourself, should not stop you from pursuing a claim for personal injury.

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