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Why Filing a Lawsuit Doesn't Mean Your Personal Injury Claim Has to Go to Trial

By: Matthew Tievsky

Many cases settle without the need to file a lawsuit. This means that the wrongdoer or their insurance company agrees to pay a reasonable amount to our client, without the need to involve the courts. The threat of filing a lawsuit is enough. However, in many cases, we must file a lawsuit to obtain justice for our client. The question that many clients ask is: Does the filing of a lawsuit mean that the case is definitely going to trial?

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The answer is no. Just because we file a lawsuit does not mean that the possibility of settling the case ends. To the contrary, we continue to negotiate with the insurance company. Our cases actually settle at all stages of litigation – right after filing the lawsuit, six months into the lawsuit, the night before trial, or even during trial before the jury reaches a verdict.

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