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Why It's Important to Keep Your Doctors Well-Informed After a Car Accident

By: Matthew Tievsky

After an auto accident, whenever you see a medical professional – at a hospital, at your primary care facility, at physical therapy, or anywhere else – it is crucial to tell them everything that hurts or doesn't feel well, every time you see a professional. Why is this important? The first answer of course is that it protects your health. The professionals who are treating you can't correctly determine what's wrong with you, what's still wrong with you, or how to make you healthier, unless you keep these professionals completely informed of your health status.Auto Accident Medical Care

But keeping your healthcare professionals informed is also of the utmost legal importance, if you have a potential or ongoing auto accident claim. If you're experiencing pain or another kind of problem in a part or parts of your body, you have to tell your healthcare professional for him/her to put it in your medical records. And the medical records of your treatment are crucial evidence. These medical records inevitably have to be sent to the defense attorney, as well as the defendant's insurance company who potentially will offer you money to settle your case. Whether or not the defendant makes an offer, and for how much, largely depends upon whether your medical records fully reflect the severity of your injuries. Furthermore, your medical records play a major role in your case, if your case goes to trial. In a smaller case, your medical records will likely be read by a judge, who determines how much to award you. In a bigger case, in front of a jury, your doctor will testify for you, and your doctor has to rely upon your medical records for the details of your case. If you forgot to tell your doctor on one visit that you're experiencing pain in your back, for example, it'll be as if the pain never happened at all.

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