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How to Bring a Maryland Auto Accident Claim When You're Hurt on the Job

By: Matthew Tievsky

In Maryland (like most jurisdictions), generally, when you are hurt on the job, your remedy is to bring a claim under Maryland's workers compensation laws. These laws are supposed to provide you speedy compensation, but the amount of the compensation may be capped. The workers compensation laws are also exclusive, meaning if you are injured on the job, you cannot bring a lawsuit against your employer or a co-employee. So, for example, if someone else at your company negligently injures you during the work day, you have a workers compensation claim against your company, but you cannot sue your co-worker.Maryland auto accident lawyer

However, worker's compensation does not apply, when you are driving from home to your workplace, or from your workplace to your home. (This is called the "coming and going rule.") In other words, this travel is not treated as being on the job.

In addition, if you are on the job but someone who is not a co-worker injures you, then you have both remedies available: You can bring a workers' compensation claim, and file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer. So, for example, if you are driving from one workplace to another, but during the trip a stranger runs a red light and hits you, then there are two types of claims that you can bring.

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