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Can My Insurer Raise My Rates When I Make a Claim For Personal Injury Protection After a Maryland Auto Accident?

By: Matthew Tievsky

Personal Injury Protection ("PIP") is a form of insurance that automatically pays you a set amount of money for medical bills and lost wages when you are hurt in an automobile accident. You receive PIP regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident, so it is available immediately. Additionally, if someone else hurts you and you bring a lawsuit against the wrongdoer, the amount you are entitled to in court is not affected by any PIP payments you received separately. In short, PIP is win-win.

Maryland Auto Accident

Some of our clients express fear that making a PIP claim on their own automobile insurer will hurt them, however, in the form of raised insurance rates. Fortunately, in Maryland, this is illegal. Maryland Code, Insurance Article, 19-507(c) expressly holds that your insurer cannot charge you for making a PIP claim. After all, you've been paying premiums for your PIP protection; it would be unfair for your insurer to now additionally charge you for using the benefits you already purchased. PIP really is a no-lose proposition; you should always make a PIP claim after your accident, if you have PIP insurance. (And if you don't, now might be a good time to get it.)

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