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How Long Do I Have to File an Auto Accident Claim in Maryland?

By: Allan M. Siegel

There are time limits on practically any lawsuit that you file in the United States, and in Maryland in particular. Such a time limit is called a "statute of limitations." In Maryland, the general rule is that you have three years from the date you are harmed to file a lawsuit, and this is also true of auto accidents. In other words, if you are hurt in an auto accident, you must file a lawsuit within three years of the auto accident itself. If you don't, your lawsuit will be forever barred. Practically the only exception is if the victim is a minor, i.e., below the age of 18, at the time of the auto accident. In that case, the minor has until his or her 21st birthday to file the lawsuit. (Note that the lawsuit does not have to finish by the statute of limitations - it only has to be filed by that time.)

It's imperative to get your lawsuit filed on time - if it becomes blocked, there is no way to obtain compensation. An insurance company will only compensate a claim if there is a threat of a lawsuit behind it.

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