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What Can I Recover For My Lost Wages in a Maryland Auto Accident Case?

By: Matthew Tievsky

Car crashes cause injury, and injury can put you out of work for a period of time – even permanently, in a very serious accident. You may have to take time off due to pain, or miss hours due to doctor's visits. As terrible as it is to say, you may become unable to work. Alternatively, you may have to find a different line of work if you become disabled, or you may not be able to do your old job as effectively (for example, if you suffer impairments after a traumatic brain injury). In that case, what can you do to obtain compensation for someone else's negligence causing an auto accident?

One avenue always available to you, in Maryland, is Personal Injury Protection, which is a type of insurance. If you purchase this insurance ahead of time, and you are injured in an auto accident, you are entitled to a certain amount of money automatically, for your lost wages (even if you were the person at fault).

But your PIP benefits may not entirely compensate you. This is especially likely if you are looking ahead to future lost wages because of lost earning capacity – because you are disabled, temporarily or permanently; or because, even if you're still able to do your job, you can't do it as well due to a lasting injury. In that event, a personal injury case can compensate your losses. (Moreover, your recovery in a personal injury case is not affected by any PIP benefits you may have received.) You are entitled to compensation for time you missed from work – even if you used leave to avoid losing wages. (The law ignores the leave, and treats you as if you really missed days and lost wages as a result of your injuries.) You are also entitled to compensation for any future loss in wages that can reasonably be proved, although this may require the testimony of a medical expert (to testify about the severity of your injury), a vocational rehabilitation expert (to testify about how your injury affects your participation in the work force), or both. Still, the good news is that the law enables you to obtain full compensation for all of the employment-related damages you provably suffer.

If you have any questions about what you can recover for job-related losses following an auto accident lawsuit, you should contact a Maryland personal injury attorney at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C.