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What is the Significance of a Police Report in Maryland Auto Accident Cases?

Authored by Matthew Tievsky

In many cases when we first meet with a client who has been in an auto accident in Maryland, they bring the police report with them. The police report often blames one driver or the other for causing the accident. If the police report blames the other party, does that mean that our case is a lock? If the police report blames our client, does that mean we have no case?

The answer in each case is "no, not necessarily." The police report cannot be admitted into evidence in Maryland. The police officer can be called to testify, but the officer can't offer opinions on who is right or wrong – the officer can only testify to what he/she personally observed, which is often very little. The police report is an indicator of the strength of your case and it may contain valuable information for investigation purposes, such as the contact information of witnesses. By itself, however, the police report doesn't determine who wins an auto accident case in Maryland. The firsthand evidence – for example witness testimony and photographs of the vehicles and the scene – will help determine who is found at fault.

If you have any questions regarding a police report, or who was at fault in your automobile collision, you should call a Maryland car accident attorney at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C.