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Staying Safe on Summer Roadways

By Allan Siegel

With the dog days of summer in full effect and with school soon to start, many residents throughout Maryland are hitting the roads to enjoy the end of summer. Whether these road trips are destined for the beach, family get-togethers, or are just the everyday travels of workers, motorists should be aware that vacations should begin only after one gets out of the vehicle. In fact, the Maryland State Highway Administration and the Maryland Department of Transportation are doing their part to urge travelers and commuters to stay safe on state roadways this time of year.

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, there are more fatal traffic accidents in August than in any other month. In August of last year, there were 50 traffic-related fatalities in Maryland. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), most of these auto accidents and fatalities are preventable, as driver error and negligence cause most collisions. Some of the most pressing dangers on public roadways include:

  • Driver distraction – including texting while driving, using a cell phone, and looking at maps
  • Drunk driving accidents – highest rates occur during summer and holidays
  • Aggressive driving

This year, Maryland law enforcement agencies are stepping up efforts to ensure that motorists are driving safely during summer months. As part of an initiative to reduce summer roadway fatalities, officers across the state will be focusing on motorists who drive intoxicated, aggressively, and distracted – especially as they approach and cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. While authorities are doing their part to keep residents and visitors safe, they are also urging drivers to remember a few safety tips:

  • Know the law – Maryland prohibits the use of cell phones and text messaging while driving
  • Wear a seat belt and properly secure young children
  • Obey signals and use headlights in two-way traffic on the Bay Bridge
  • Give yourself time for unexpected delays
  • Check your vehicle to ensure that lights and other components are working properly
  • Do not drink and drive – plan for a ride or use a designated driver

Of course, even the most attentive driver or pedestrian can still fall victim to a negligent motorist. When accidents do occur as the result of another's actions, injured victims can hold at-fault parties liable for their damages by filing a personal injury claim. Our firm encourages safety on Maryland roadways this August and we offer our genuine support and experienced representation to residents who have been harmed in a Maryland car accident. To learn more about our services and how we can help, contact a Maryland personal injury lawyer from Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C.