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Bicycle Safety Tips for Maryland Riders

Authored by Ira Sherman

There are many bike paths and trails throughout Maryland. Each day, local residents and tourist can be found riding their bicycles as a form of recreation, exercise, and commuting. Although bike traffic is a common site in this state, riders still face a number of dangers, especially from inattentive and negligent drivers. Whatever the case may be, Maryland law states that bicyclists have the same rights and are subject to the same traffic laws as motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, far too many drivers are unaware of riders' rights and all too often fail to uphold their duties to safely share the road. As a result, Maryland sees a significant number of bicycle accidents each year. There were more than 800 in 2012 alone, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. Of these, 790 involved injuries. This means that roughly 98% of bicycle accidents in Maryland result in injuries. As bicycle riders face such alarming risks of suffering harm during traffic accidents, it is essential that they do everything they can to protect themselves. The following tips can help riders of all ages stay safe on public roadways:

  • · Wear a helmet; brain injuries occur at higher rates when riders do not wear helmets.
  • · Wear bright clothing, use lights, and make sure you are visible to motorists during the day and at night.
  • · Ride with traffic and stop and look both ways before entering a street or intersection.
  • · Use hand signals and pass vehicles with caution.
  • · Practice defensive riding, watch for road hazards, and be aware of nearby vehicles.

Even when bicyclists obey the rules of the road and ride defensively, they may still fall victim to the negligence of other drivers. When another driver causes a bicycle accident serious enough to injure a rider, victims can pursue a recovery of their damages by filing a personal injury claim. If you or your loved one has recently been injured during a bicycle accident, allow a Maryland personal injury attorney from Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. to review your case, inform you of your rights, and explain how we can help you fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Contact our firm to discuss your needs.