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Maryland Passes Law to Protect Rights of Cyclists in Crosswalks

by | Jul 18, 2017

Years ago, Maryland’s legislature (the General Assembly) passed a law permitting cyclists to ride within crosswalks, like pedestrians. However – possibly as an oversight – the General Assembly did not also pass a law stating that cyclists, like pedestrians, are entitled to the right-of-way while inside crosswalks.

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This omission had serious consequences in December of 2015, when 19 year-old Frank Towers was riding a bicycle across a busy Montgomery County road. Towers was careful to cycle only within the crosswalk as he crossed the street. However, a Toyota 4Runner struck and killed Towers in the road. Although the driver was criminally charged, he was found not guilty by a judge. The reason is that, under Maryland law as it existed then, Towers did not enjoy any legal protection by being in the crosswalk, because he was a cyclist and not a pedestrian.

The injustice of this case motivated the General Assembly to take action and correct the apparent mistake in the law. Beginning in October of 2017, in Maryland, cyclists will enjoy the right-of-way within crosswalks, the same as pedestrians. (This law will only apply in places where the local ordinances permit bicycles to ride on sidewalks.) By making this change, Maryland joins Virginia and the District of Columbia, which already provide cyclists with the right-of-way in crosswalks.

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